Traveling to the U.S. Open Golf Championship

Sean Bryan / March 1, 2023 /

The U.S. Open is thrilling for any golf fan, and knowing how to go to the U.S. Open safely and comfortably is essential. From purchasing your tickets to creating a safe travel plan, preparing for this memorable event allows you to enjoy it without stress. Witness your favorite golfers make history at this year’s U.S. Open with some helpful tips.

How to Get Tickets for the U.S. Open

The 123rd United States Open Championship is set to take place in Los Angeles, California, from June 15-18, 2023. The best way to get tickets for the U.S. Open is to purchase them from the USGA website. If general admission tickets are sold out when you access the website, continue checking back, as the USGA may release more before June.

Another option is to purchase special ticket packages on the USGA website. The USGA offers ticket packages with special perks for fans looking to enjoy this exciting event to the fullest. You can choose from the following options:

  • Daily Gallery: With a Daily Gallery package, you can walk the golf course and sit in the grandstands to see your favorite players.
  • Daily Trophy Club: A Daily Trophy Club package includes gallery tickets plus the ability to view the action in a lounge and sports bar atmosphere with live television coverage, beverages and food options.
  • Daily Pacific Club: A Daily Pacific Club package grants grandstand ticket access plus access to a luxurious indoor and outdoor viewing space with a bar and exceptional food options.
  • Official travel packages: Travel packages include official tickets and incredible perks such as accommodations, daily shuttle transportation, access to the Welcome Lounge and an on-site concierge team.

You can also obtain resale tickets from reputable ticket marketplaces such as Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats or StubHub. Resale ticket listings often fluctuate, so you may find different prices depending on when you visit a marketplace website.

How to Get to the U.S. Open

The 2023 U.S. Open will take place at the Los Angeles Country Club on Wilshire Boulevard. The Los Angeles International Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport and Long Beach Airport are the three closest airports to this venue. You can reach the country club from each airport via public transportation, a taxi or a rental car. Many hotels are near the club, so transportation to the event is easy once you reach your accommodations.

Lodging Options at the U.S. Open

Comfortable lodging enhances any travel experience, and Los Angeles is home to plenty of luxurious accommodations, such as the following:

  • The Beverly Hilton: The Beverly Hilton is an iconic hotel with luxurious rooms, delicious cuisine, a rooftop oasis and a spa. This fantastic establishment is only a three minute drive from the Los Angeles Country Club, allowing for easy transport to and from the event.
  • Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel and Spa: The Beverly Hills Plaza is also close to the country club, and you can reach it with a short two-minute drive or a 15-minute walk if you want to start your day with some exercise. This incredible accommodation offers unparalleled service, a gorgeous atmosphere and impressive spa services, so you can relax after a day watching your favorite golfers.
  • Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills: Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is the closest accommodation to the country club at just a short walk away, making it a convenient location to relax after each exciting day of the U.S. Open. With a rooftop pool, stunning views and a rejuvenating spa, the Waldorf Astoria is the perfect place to stay when you attend the U.S. Open.

Things to Do at the U.S. Open

The U.S. Open offers plenty of thrills and excitement for golf fans both on and off the course. When you attend this event, you can enjoy the following activities at the Los Angeles Country Club and the surrounding area:

  • Follow your favorite players: Experience the action up-close by following your favorite players on the course. Various grandstands provide seating so you can comfortably view the excitement.
  • Relax with a drink: If you purchase special packages, you can watch each golf round from a comfortable lounge, deck or terrace with a refreshing drink in your hand.
  • Visit the Hollywood Sign: Los Angeles is known for its iconic Hollywood sign, so capturing a photo of it is a fun way to celebrate your trip to the U.S. Open. You can also hike to the sign if you have some extra energy after making your way around the golf course.
  • Explore the Greystone Estate: The Doheny Greystone Estate is a historic spot operated by the city’s Recreation and Parks Division. While access to the mansion is limited to special events, you can explore the gorgeous park grounds and gardens.

Best Viewing Spots at the U.S. Open

The best viewing spots at the U.S. Open depend on your preferences. If you prefer relaxing and catching all the important highlights, you can watch the live event on large screens from a lounge or catch the action from a comfortable deck or terrace. If you prefer to be close to the action, you can walk the course and stand behind the ropes or find a seat in each grandstand.

The club’s rooftop bar offers excellent views of the North course while the grandstands offer a more intimate experience seeing the game up close.

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