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REVA’s Trip Around the World

REVA Air Ambulance IAG Australian Trip

The International Assistance Group (IAG) is a global alliance of independent key players in the assistance industry. The organization carefully vets prospective members’ capabilities and services on behalf of all the members to ensure each meets the highest standards in the industry and brings value to the other members. As an IAG Accredited Service Provider, in March REVA was contacted by an IAG Core-Partner assistance company requesting a medical evacuation from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Sydney, Australia.

REVA Air Ambulance IAG Australian Trip

This type of flight poses unique circumstances considering that it requires an aircraft to cross over the entire South Pacific Ocean with a total flight time over 21 hours. The REVA Operations Center (ROC) quickly went to work to find a solution for our customer, calling our partner providers to find an aircraft capable of such a mission. The ROC sourced a Global Express 6000 aircraft capable of completing the trip with only one stop in Tahiti for fuel and crew change for the upcoming weekend.

“The REVA operations team is always looking to provide innovative solutions for our partners; at the end of the day we are all looking to provide the patient with the best possible care and outcome,” said Chris Bates, ROC manager.

“The REVA operations team is always looking to provide innovative solutions for our partners; at the end of the day we are all looking to provide the patient with the best possible care and outcome. In this case, since we decided to use a partner aircraft with REVA medical staff and equipment, we were able to give our patient care that would not have been possible with any traditional air-ambulance aircraft,” said Chris Bates, ROC manager. “Had the transport been performed using the largest air-ambulance aircraft currently standard in the industry, this flight would have taken longer than 40 hours with a minimum of 6 stops to complete,” added Mr. Bates.

The team presented the option to the insurance client who was surprised by the availability and the minimal stops the REVA team could provide. Within two days of the flight booking, the medical team, consisting of Dr. Alberto Leon, RN Sheri May, and RT Bill Rodgers, flew down to Buenos Aires. The team arrived a day early to meet with the patient and his wife in the discharging hospital to let them know what was going to unfold over the next 48 hours and to make the final bedside assessment.

The patient’s wife stated multiple times that she could not believe such a service existed. Once REVA’s medical team arrived, the anxiety she had been experiencing was alleviated. She had been caring for her husband throughout the month they had been staying in Buenos Aires.

Flight physician, Dr. Alberto Leon, said “For an Emergency Room doctor, who typically has no more than 10 or 15 minutes to get to know the patient, look at blood-work results and make a diagnosis, this mission was uniquely wonderful, with 21 hours to get to know both the patient and his wife, to provide very personalized care.” Dr. Leon added, “All the REVA missions I’ve been on, the patient and family have been grateful and loved the opportunity to communicate at length with the flight team. I call this the REVA difference.”

The team performed flawlessly during the transport keeping the patient and passenger comfortable and well-fed during the long journey across the Pacific. The trip ended in success with the patient grateful to be home on Australian soil, and to begin his long road to recovery.

“A huge thank you to you and your team for looking after especially Pete and, of course, myself. The care and consideration given to Pete was very reassuring and, as mentioned the moment you all arrived in the hospital room and started to talk with him, it was as if we had gone from night to day,” exclaimed Suzie, the patient’s wife.

“You made sure that what had been a harrowing time for us, ended in the best and most positive way. All that you arranged went like clockwork,” added Suzie.

Official PDF: REVA – Press Release – Australia Mission – 20170501